Clinical Trial Scan

Our Consultants

We partnered with SciMed, a premier, professional Research Organization to define high-quality research leads. Simply put, our dedicated team of medical practitioners, senior scientists, and biomedical staff, with vast experience in initiating and deploying clinical trials in USA and Europe, work with us to assist the pharma and medical device industries. We meet the recruitment deadline, no matter the challenge.

Prof. Dr. Admir Hadzic, PhD (SciMed)

Prof Dr Hadzic, PhD. Columbia-University NYC trained, board-certified in Internal Medicine and Anesthesiology. Thirty years experience in pharma, clinical & FDA-related trials. Creator of, a worldwide-medical education and research network, and author of industry-standard medical textbooks (McGrawHill).

Prof. Max Kuroda, PhD.

A Columbia-University and Harvard-trained Epidemiologist and Statistician. 30+ years experience in pharma, clinical and FDA-related research. Max has published hundreds of scientific papers in her career and was instrumental in publishing many industry-standard textbooks worldwide.